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[May. 31st, 2005|12:21 am]
*A Rating Community*





Name:  Kimberly Claire Daniel

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Fave Bands: Incubus, Sublime, Greenday, The Who, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bikini Kill, Blondie, No Doubt, Garbage, etc...

Fave Movies: Kingdom of Heaven, Amelie, The Returner, Suicide Club, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Girl Interrupted, etc...

Fave Books: Slaughterhouse 5, Running with Scissiors, Song of the Wanderer, Diadem, Harry Potter Series, Anil's Ghost, In the hand of Dante, Books on poetry, etc...

5 words that describe you: Creative, Compassionate, Unique, Extroverted, Artistic

Why you think you're beautiful: I'm beautiful because i'm photogenic. I'm an Original. I truly care about others. I listen. I love to make other people happy. I love the color of my eyes, they are pretty to me. I love animals. I'm a good person. I have self confidence. I can wear almost any color with my skin tone. I think my look can be dramatic. I get along with almost everyone.