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Devine Beauty

Think you're beautiful?

*A Rating Community*
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Yes, this is another rating community! Yay! Anybody can join if they think they're up to it. Other people will post theiropinions on you whether good or bad, so it's your choice! ^_^

But of course...there shall always be rules! AND YOU MUST READ THEM!


1. Only people 13 and over can try out. No acceptions.
2. You must post at LEAST a week before joinging or else you will be removed from the members list.
3. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself...and they must be clear pictures.
4. No nudity in your pictures. Period.
5. You must fill out all of the survey (located after rules)
6. Members decisions MAY be also affected by the post, but don't try to vote only on the survey. For example, if you think the person is pretty, but you don't like their answers to the survey don't vote decline just because of that.
7. DoN'T TyPe LiKe ThIs. It annoys the hell out of people.
8. Don't argue with the members or mods just because you don't like their opinion.
9. Don't post other pictures of yourself or vote on others until you've been accepted.
10. Try to vote on the community as much as possible. Doesn't count if there's something wrong with your computer or you're traveling.
11. When voting make sure to put Decline or Accept somewhere or else your vote doesn't count.
12. Once you're stamped, on the title of any of your new posts for pics put STAMPED as your heading.
13. When you submit your application (pics and survey) put all of it behind an lj-cut AND put *new* as your heading.
14. If you are declined you are allowed to try again, but with new pictures.


Fave Bands:
Fave Movies:
Fave Books:
5 words that describe you:
Why you think you're beautiful:


Natassia - lil_tassi

Jennifer - dernhelm88

You will receive either an accepted or declined after enough votes: